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Frequently Asked Questions!

Various Classes Offered through out the Year

Introductory Glassblowing

Hands-on classes for small groups. Learn the basics of hot glass art techniques. Each student/artist will sit at the bench and work with our team to create their very own unique tumbler/drinking glass. No prior experience is necessary.

Classes make great gifts for Holidays or birthdays.
One-on-one instruction is available.
A student must be 9 years or older to take a class.

We love to party at Stone and Glass. Whether it's a Birthday Party, Scout Troop, Corporate Event or a group of friends who want to experience the ancient art of glass making, let us help you craft a special party.
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Class schedules and descriptions are subject to change – For Current Class Calendar, Descriptions and Registration Click Here

Solid Glass Sculpting

Be Still my Heart/Hearts for Mom
In this small group class you will work with our team to create a unique hot glass sculpted heart. 

Eggs, Eggs, Who makes Eggs
Experience the thrill of working with hot glass to create your own unique solid glass egg. 

In this small group class you will work with our team to create a unique solid hot glass sculpted paperweight.

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Off Hand Glass Blowing

Introduction to Glass Blowing
Hands on classes for small groups, experience the basics of hot glass art techniques.  In this approximately 4 hour class you will learn the safety basics of glass blowing, see a demonstration and each student/artist will sit at the bench and work with our team to create their unique tumbler/drinking glass. 

Spin Glass Wavy Class
You have taken the introductory class and made your tumbler, now take the next step. In this class you will work with our team to create a wavy plate, bowl or vase. Introduction to Hot Glass is a prerequisite.

Let’s do Shots
In this small group class you will work with our glass blowing team to create a pair of shot glasses.
All tools, materials and supplies are included.
No prior glass blowing experience required.

Fire and Wine
One hour of private instruction/glass blowing for two. 
You and your sweetheart will work with our glass blowing team for one hour to preserve your love in glass, choose to make any of the following; 2 drinking glasses, 2 shot glasses, 3 hearts, 3 ornaments, 1 small vase, 1 wavy plate or 1 bowl. 
Package includes two Bernardo Winery Tasting Cards for your use any time after your lesson.

Light up Your Life – Pendant Light Class
Private Instruction
Choose from basic shapes and colors to design and blow your own pendant lights. All tools and materials are included to blow the pendant lights.  Wiring is not included, can be purchased for an additional fee. Introduction to glass blowing or Glass Blowing Basics is a pre requisite - the more experience you have the better the result.  Keep in mind glass is beautiful however not perfect; your lights will be unique.  Variation in size, color, finish and shape are all a normal part of the process particularly for beginners.

It’s the Great Pumpkin Class
Join a small group class to experience the excitement of working with our team of glass artists to create your own Heirloom glass pumpkin.

Holiday Ornament Class
Start a new tradition; create your own holiday memory in glass.

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Intermediate Hot Glass and Mixed Media

Glass Blowing Basics
In this 4 week class you will learn teambuilding and the basic skills required to work independently in front of the furnace.  This is a skill focused class. All materials and tools are provided. Intro to Hot Glass is a prerequisite.

Masters Class in mixed media, combining glass, metal and mixed media
Masters level class for experienced craftspeople only. Students must have a minimum of intermediate level skills in at least one of the following areas; illustration, fabrication in metal, wood, ceramics, glass, plastic or paint. Students must “apply” by sending an artist’s statement, a bio and four digital images of the work. The class consists of the following topics; Safety procedures, Introductions and class overview, you can expect to learn, Designing for mixed media, Introduction to tools, tool operation and maintenance, Ideas to paper, Develop a resource list and build plan, Acquire materials, Transfer designs, Cutting and shaping, Rough finish, Casting, Final finish, Final assembly
Students will co-create a class student project to be completed within the session. Students will concurrently create a personal project. All power tools and equipment, glass tools, adhesives, and abrasives are included. Expendable supplies are supplied by the student. This program is limited to five students Eight week session.

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Introduction to Glass bead making on the torch, Single class
Anyone can to learn to make glass beads using the torch Making glass beads with a torch is fun, easy and an inexpensive way to experience the exciting world of creating art using molten glass. Glass bead making has been around since the beginning of using glass to make art. The same basic techniques are still used today. Students will learn what is called “LAMPWORK”, using heat, gravity and small tools to form unique glass beads that can be crafted into distinctive jewelry. In this initial three hour class students can expect to learn safety procedures while using the propane/oxygen torch and kiln watch a demonstration of basic techniques and can expect to make approximately four to six hand-made decorative glass beads of their own.

Introduction to Glass Bead Making, three class series
This is a series of 3, three hour classes, covering the fundamentals of glass bead making and working on the torch. This course will be great for beginners as well as for students with limited experience in glass bead making to advance their skills. The first class will begin with a safety review. Students will then learn the basics of wrapping molten glass onto a steel rod. In subsequent classes students will learn various methods of glass bead decoration. Students will make multiple beads to take home in each class. By the end of the three sessions, students should have enough beads to make a bracelet and necklace and maybe a matching set of earrings.

Intermediate Glass Bead Making, Three class series.
This is a series of 3, three hour classes, for students with experience in making glass beads with a propane/oxygen torch. In addition to a review of the basics of bead formation the course will cover the making various shapes and sizes of beads and the decoration of glass beads. Proper methods of clear encasing of beads and the making of striped and segmented beads will be also covered. In the third session the crafting of self hanging pendants will be covered.

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Fused Glass

Introduction to glass fusing, single class
Workshops: Workshops will be "thematic" exercises lasting 2 hours. Participants will create 2 pieces each of a holiday theme or specific color pallet. All materials will be provided. Workshops are designed to give you a brief introduction to the process of glass fusing and slumping. We recommend you wear "work" clothing and please no open toed shoes!

Intermediate glass fusing techniques, 6 class series
Series classes: Each session will consist of 6 classes to be conducted weekly for approximately 3 hours. We will explore the art of glass fusing and slumping as well as discuss tools and misc. materials to be used to successfully produce vessels and art pieces.
In the first weeks we will concentrate on learning to cut and place the glass, use unexpected materials for inclusions and discuss design possibilities. We will furnish tools and materials for the "learning" period and assist students with places and resources for purchasing their own materials for future projects.

Introduction to open mold glass casting, Single Session
Open mold hot glass casting is fun fast and easy to do. Students will be shocked at the quality of the results. Class will begin with a safety review of all procedures. During the first hour there will be a short discussion of the history of open face furnace casting. Students will see examples and choose items to be cast. In the initial class we will be doing sand casting only. Students should bring their favorite toy or three dimensional object to be cast, small ones only please. This is a four hour class. Space is limited.

Introduction to investment casting with glass, three class series.
To be announced

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NO experience necessary, minimum age for most hot glass classes is 9 years, Minimum age in Lampwork and Fusing classes is 14 years.

All tools, materials and supplies are included, unless otherwise noted. No prior glass blowing experience required.

All Classes are available for private groups.

Remember to wear closed toe shoes and loose fitting cotton or natural fiber clothing.  Bring water, sunglasses and sunscreen if you have sensitive skin.

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